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hyphenOs is a software development and consulting company with expertise in **systems software** and a strong **engineering focus**. We help our clients build software solutions as well as help solve problems at all levels of abstractions of computer systems. We aspire to be 'swiss army knife' for technology needs of our clients.

Our team has a hands on experience at all levels of technology stack, from low level diagnostic utilities for custom hardware boards, to software switches to web applications.

We have a very strong emphasis on what we call strong engineering practices i.e. Sprint Boards, Version Control, Unit Testing and Continuous Integration. We strongly believe that the intangible value these practices add are often underestimated. In any of our engagements, this aspect is of significant importance to us.


Our main expertise is in Python/Go based software stack, in most of what is server side engineering, typically what goes as backend work, where we do end-to-end work, from architecture design, development and deployment on cloud platforms like AWS, GCP.

Some concrete examples of what our past experience have been -

  1. Developed product roadmap and built a team of 10 engineers for a mobile edge computing startup. (Network Architecture, C/C++ for data-path and Go for application platform).
  2. Developed an element management system for a TV White Space Broadband solution. (Python-Django-REST, React.js)
  3. Developed a Plugin for Cloud Sandbox Application. (OpenStack, Python)
  4. Developed a PoC for a CI/CD Pipeline application, deploying on Kubernetes cluster. (docker, Go, Kubernetes)
  5. Developed a PoC for facebook messenger integration for a messaging company. (Python-Flask)




  1. Abhijit Gadgil - (gabhijit@hyphenos.io | +91-7350688121)

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