We strongly believe in Getting Things Done! Typically, we engage in one of the following modes -

Prototype and R&D

Sometimes, a new product or service offering that a company wants to develop is not completely aligned with the existing engineering skills. We help companies in developing a quick prototype to assess the feasibility, both technical and business. Depending upon customer's need and expertise, we help in developing the first version of the product from an early PoC or a prototype.

Remote Engineering Team

Our team was part of a couple of startups, one from the Bay Area and another from Greater New York Area, with employee #2 and #3 in their engineering team. We have grown these teams to over 15 people starting with just one or two. Also, we have played a key role in the evolution of the products of those companies. So if you are looking for a partner who is willing to share the risks and the potential upside, we fit the bill very well.

Problem Solving and Performance Engineering

Leveraging our experience and background at several layers, we help in solving problems and also help identify performance, scalability issues. Typically these are small assignments, but often have a very significant impact.

Tech Lead as a Service

Often, the founding team of a startup has a good product concept/idea, but only a vague idea about the right technologies, tools they should use and also preparing a roadmap (doing what, when). For the companies, where we believe we can add value, we help them scope out development strategy. If they already have a team in place, but need inputs to take it to next level, we provide guidance. For us, it is important to make a meaningful and measurable difference.